Must Have Golf Simulator Accessories


Some people have top of the line golf simulator setups. These can be in their house, basement, or garage and have the best systems, screens, and software. There always is a way to upgrade your setup though. For those looking for the next best thing to add to their golf simulator setup, you should want to check out these items below. These all can add to the experience of your golf simulator for you and your friends.


Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf

Most of the golf simulators won’t come with a full artificial grass to hit off of and have as the path up from the launch monitor to the impact screen. This can not only make a huge difference in the surface that you hit off of but it can give the full experience and a much more realistic feel. Having a full turf area really adds to the full effect of playing a real hole of golf. This can definitely take your golf simulator setup to another level.


Club Display Rack

Dual Bag Display

These are a great way to fully display your clubs on your golf simulator setup. It looks cool and makes finding a club easier and more convenient. This makes it simpler to play especially when having friends over as they don’t have to dig through your bag to find a club to hit with. Putting them on a rack clearly shows the order of each club from the wedges to the irons to the woods. Put your clubs out on display on your golf simulator, it organizes them and can even hold your balls and tees as well.


Top of the range projector

The projector is one of the easiest things that you can upgrade with your golf simulator setup. This may seem like an unnecessary thing to upgrade or to change but it can make a massive difference. It is the difference in some cases between actually looking like you are out on a golf course or just playing a video game. The quality on some of the projectors is crazy and make the simulator experience that much more realistic. Epson is one of the leaders in projectors and they make some that are designed to be used for golf simulators specifically.


Pyramid ball tray

Pyramid Ball Tray

This is all about the look of your golf simulator. It is a small price to pay to wow some of your friends with a small touch that takes your simulator setup to the next level. Some of the best courses in the world use these pyramid ball trays and it really ups the class and overall feel of a golf course when they have these to display your balls. It is also a convenient way to hold all your balls in one place.

Written by Robert Hart

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