Can you improve your game using a golf simulator?


The question of if you can improve your game from a golf simulator really comes down to how good you think golf simulators really are. This means how accurate and consistent these golf simulators are at tracking your shots. A lot of this comes down to having the proper set up and using the equipment properly. If you can do that and hit the same golf shots from the simulator launch pad that you do out on the course, then it is definitely a great way to improve your golf game.

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The first thing to think about when playing on a golf simulator is the set up. This doesn’t just mean which system you buy or how good it looks, but it means more of how you have it all setup to play so the system can work properly and track your shots accurately. If your systems aren’t set up properly it may be hard to get an accurate reading and truly improve on your game.


Golf simulators have come such a long way in just the past few years. These systems are so advanced and use some of the top tracking technology in the world that are used for military equipment and radar that it makes them super accurate. Because these simulators are so accurate it makes them essentially like playing a real round of golf.


For those who have their simulators set up perfectly, you can expect to get big improvements to your game from a golf simulator. While it takes about two hours to play nine holes on a real course, players on golf simulators can play nine holes in about 30 minutes. So if you are playing for two hours you can play 36 holes instead of just nine. This gives you a ton of additional practice which should improve your game.


Golf simulator users rave about how they can play a ton of holes and get in so much more actual play time with them. For those who believe that playing more equals improving your golf game, then the answer should be 100% yes that you can improve your game from a golf simulator.


The last thing to think about to improve your game from a simulator is getting the top of the line system. There are golf simulator systems priced in all different ranges. Essentially paying more for better technology that tracks balls better will give you a more accurate experience and better practice. The Optishot 2 is a great option in the lower-priced range and has great reviews. Skytrak is a little bit more expensive simulator but it also can track your ball just a little bit better that makes it better to play on and gives a better golf experience than a lot of the others.


Written by Robert Hart

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