Ever wondered how professional golfers keep their swing in check, even when they're off the green? The secret lies in their living rooms, with state-of-the-art golf simulators that provide real-time feedback on every shot. These aren't just high-tech toys; they're essential tools for mastering the game, used by pros during the off-season to analyze their swing and understand their weaknesses.

What Launch Monitors Do Tour Pros Use?

In the world of professional golf, accuracy isn't just about the player's precision. It's also about the correctness of the equipment they use for analysis and training. Among these, launch monitors are particularly key. Known for their reliability, two models from Trackman and SkyTrax top the list of favourites among tour pros.

Consistent performance is the mantra in the field of professional golf. The Trackman launch monitor, revered for its precision, plays a significant role. It not only measures essential metrics like clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate but provides comprehensive data analysis. Such an analysis is essential for pros looking to refine their swing and ball flight.

Similarly acclaimed for its precision and portability, the Foresight GCQuad is another tour pro favourite. Expectedly, it offers the same key data points as the Trackman, coupled with the added benefits of versatility and portability. In golfing, as most pros will confirm, understanding the minute intricacies of your swing can make all the difference. That explains why these pro-grade monitors might feel out of reach for an average golfer.

But interestingly, there's a silver lining. Keen golfers have options that provide similar performance without breaking the bank. For instance, SkyTrak offers similar data analysis capabilities, making professional-grade golf accessible to more and more enthusiasts.

Not just for analysis and training, but these monitors also serve real-time during tournaments. If you tuned into this year's US Open, you might've noticed Trackman setups on every tee box. Yes, even the finest players use tech aids like Trackman to eliminate guesswork entirely from their game!


Used extensively on tour, TrackMan 4 is a favorite launch monitor for golf pros, with dual radar sensors, camera sensors, and artificial intelligence (AI) included in its features. It offers a complete, flexible home set-up while delivering accurate, informative data in real-time. It's portable, lightweight at 2.8kg, and offers four hours of playtime on battery.

Best Outdoor Radar Tracking - Trackman

Trackman's combination of cameras and Doppler radar provides exceptional benefits for outdoor use. The patented Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking (OERT) system works in perfect sync with an inbuilt camera to offer the best of both worlds. It employs multi-sensor technology, ensuring that ball and club data are analyzed accurately and swiftly.

The AI feature of the Trackman 4 even enhances this accuracy further, enabling pros like Justin Thomas, Sergio Garcia, and Dustin Johnson to fine-tune their game. It's worth noting, though, that you'll need a tablet or phone to display the data obtained from this high-tech launch monitor.

Trackman's popularity isn’t just reserved for outdoor use. Its innovative hybrid device is equally adept for indoor use. For golf pros, practice amateurs, and fans alike, Trackman is a perfect combination of high-definition camera-based technology and radar-based technology, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

It's also interesting to note that some professional players like Tiger Woods opt for semi-permanent simulator installations in their homes for practice. These simulators, with their effective utilization of space and portability, range in size from 8 to 12 feet in width. They can be quickly stowed away when not in use, offering an excellent balance of size and flexibility for indoor training.

The TrackMan 4's many features, combined with its capability for both indoor and outdoor use, makes it a drool-worthy addition to any golfer's toolkit. Such an array of features is rare in most golf simulators, and it's this aspect that sets TrackMan apart from the crowd. Whether you're a tour pro or an aspiring amateur, it’s a great investment for perfecting your swing and improving your overall game performance.


Transitioning from popular models like Trackman and Foresight GCQuad, we now shift focus to SkyTrak. SkyTrak is an effective contender in the golf simulator market, especially suitable for those seeking a practical home setup. This compact device features a small footprint, offering ease of installation without demanding large space. It sits a foot adjacent to the golf ball, providing a more user-friendly experience than models requiring several feet of behind-ball clearance.

Additionally, SkyTrak has no specific spatial prerequisites. Yet, I typically suggest maintaining a buffer around the golf enclosure – a few inches on the sides, a foot behind the screen, and roughly seven feet behind for a comfortable backswing and follow-through. These measurements, however, can be tweaked to fit a constricted setting, truly living up to the device's reputation for cater to tighter spaces.

The SkyTrak offer includes not just the device but also the Basic Practice Range Software with diverse data parameters for detailed feedback. Metrics such as Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Back Spin, Side Spin, and Side Angle are all tracked, supplemented with club data inclusive of smash factor, club path, and face angle.

Potential users of SkyTrak also have upgrade options like the Game Improvement Plan and Tee Off Package, which further enhance the experience. The device is compatible with various software, including World Golf Tour, E6 Connect, and TGC 2019, thereby providing diverse gameplay options.

SkyTrak's utilities cover both home and range installations. Its portability, enhanced with an optional protective case, ensures its safety while moving. Meeting technology requirements is effortless as the SkyTrak application is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows PCs.

This launch monitor serves as a viable choice, especially for players with limited space who desire comprehensive game improvement tools. The imminent SkyTrak Plus promises to carry forward the same footprint while enhancing the experience.

Written by David Wright

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