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Side Barrier For SimBox

$329.00 USD

Introducing the GolfBays SimBox Side Barriers – Elevate Your Indoor Golfing Experience with Enhanced Safety and Realism.

Safe and Secure: Elevate your indoor golfing setup with the GolfBays SimBox Side Barriers. Crafted with precision, these side barriers offer an additional layer of safety and protection, ensuring that your shots stay within the designated play area, enhancing the overall practice experience.

Focused Practice: With the side barriers in place, you can practice your swings and shots with complete concentration. The defined play area encourages accurate shots and targeted practice, making every session purposeful and effective.

Effortless Installation: Setting up the GolfBays SimBox Side Barriers is hassle-free. These barriers are designed to seamlessly integrate with your GolfBays SimBox Hitting Enclosure, providing a secure attachment that requires minimal effort and no complex modifications.

Custom-Fit Design: The GolfBays SimBox Side Barriers are tailored to fit your enclosure perfectly. This precision ensures that your practice environment remains consistent, enabling you to refine your technique and enjoy a realistic golfing experience.

Optimized Dimensions: The side barriers are designed with consideration for practicality and space. They provide the ideal balance between safety and room for movement, ensuring that your practice sessions are comfortable and enjoyable.

Elevate Your Indoor Golf: Whether you're a dedicated golfer, coach, or enthusiast, the GolfBays SimBox Side Barriers enhance your practice setup. Elevate your golfing experience with safety, realism, and a dedicated play area that maximizes your potential.

Upgrade Your Golf Practice: Elevate your indoor golfing journey with the GolfBays SimBox Side Barriers. Order now and create a practice environment that's both safe and true to the golfing experience, enhancing your skill development and love for the game.

Elevate your indoor golfing experience with the GolfBays SimBox Side Barriers – where safety meets authenticity, and every swing is a step closer to mastering the art of golf within the confines of your dedicated practice space.

Product Features
  • Sold in pairs (right and left side)
  • Extendable straight out or on wider angles by using sandbags (provided)
  • Four barriers (one for each side barrier and two on the rear of the frame)
  • Simple storage - to recover lost floor space when not in use, remove sandbags and fold the barriers flush into the front of the frame.
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