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GolfBays Academy Hitting Mat - 4'11 x 4'11

$349.00 USD

Introducing the GolfBays Teaching Hitting Mat - 4'11" x 4'11" – Elevate Golf Instruction with Precision and Performance.

Enhanced Coaching Experience: Elevate your golf instruction sessions with the GolfBays Teaching Hitting Mat. Designed to enhance the learning process, this mat provides a dynamic platform for golf coaches to impart their expertise and students to perfect their technique.

Precision Practice: Crafted to exacting standards, the GolfBays Teaching Hitting Mat offers a high-quality hitting surface that accurately replicates real fairway conditions. This precision allows both coaches and students to analyze shots and make targeted improvements.

Visual Markings: The mat features strategically placed markings and alignment guides, aiding coaches in providing visual feedback and students in maintaining a consistent setup. These clear references streamline the teaching process, resulting in more effective instruction.

Durable Design: Built to withstand rigorous practice and instruction sessions, the GolfBays Teaching Hitting Mat boasts a durable construction. The high-quality turf ensures longevity, making it a reliable tool for coaches and students alike.

Ample Space: The 4'11" x 4'11" dimensions provide ample space for comprehensive teaching. Coaches can demonstrate various shots, stances, and swing techniques, while students can practice under the guidance of visual cues, honing their skills with precision.

Coaching Excellence: Whether you're a seasoned golf instructor or a student eager to improve, the GolfBays Teaching Hitting Mat sets the stage for coaching excellence. Transform the learning experience and witness tangible progress as instruction becomes more targeted and impactful.

Elevate Instruction: Elevate your golf instruction with the GolfBays Teaching Hitting Mat - 4'11" x 4'11". Order now and provide yourself or your students with a platform that fosters skill development, precise technique refinement, and ultimately, golfing success.

Experience the future of golf instruction with the GolfBays Teaching Hitting Mat. Elevate your coaching sessions and accelerate skill growth by providing a practice surface that's designed to enhance technique, accuracy, and overall performance.

Product Features
  • 15mm of high grade nylon sport turf.
  • 20mm foam base to minimise club impact.
  • Suitable for locating directly onto the bay floor, or into one of our classic anti-shock frames.
  • Four tee holes, one on each edge, to allow 90° rotation.
  • 150cm x 150cm width x 35mm deep.
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