Rapsodo MLM2Pro Golf Launch Monitor

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The Rapsodo MLM2Pro Launch Monitor is an affordable radar device which gives access to all of the data points you need to truly understand the forces at work behind every shot you hit

Featuring dual cameras and a doppler radar system, the MLM2Pro is packed full of tech to ensure you get as much data as possible from a super compact unit. 

  • 1 Year Premium Membership ($199 Value) included with purchase*
  • Dual optical camera vision + radar processing for precision accuracy
  • Shot Vision and Impact Vision for multi-option swing replay
  • Simulation at 30,000+ golf courses & virtual range
  • 13 metrics - 6 measured metrics - including spin rate and spin axis
  • Apple and Android compatible
  • NEW Quick Connect Feature - easily connect to a network. Less setup, more golf. 
  • Rapsodo Combines - 24 total shots - 2 approach targets - 1 driver target
  • Full functionality indoors and outdoors
  • R-Cloud - Web access to session history, shot videos, data export, and and membership account details
  • R-Speed – Non-impact speed training platform that measures and tracks swing speed performance