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GolfBays Rubber Base For 4'11 X 4'11 Golf Mat (5'9 x 5'9)

$269.00 USD

Introducing the GolfBays Rubber Base for 4'11" x 4'11" Golf Mat (5'9" x 5'9") – Elevate Your Practice with Stability and Durability.

Sturdy Foundation: Enhance your practice setup with the GolfBays Rubber Base. Designed exclusively for the 4'11" x 4'11" Golf Mat, this rubber base adds stability and durability to your practice area, ensuring that every swing is backed by a reliable foundation.

Secure Performance: Say goodbye to shifting mats and wobbling surfaces. The GolfBays Rubber Base holds your golf mat in place, providing a secure surface for your practice sessions. Focus on your swing mechanics and shot accuracy without the distraction of mat movement.

Enhanced Comfort: Constructed with high-quality rubber, this base offers a comfortable feel underfoot. Whether you're practicing your drives or working on your short game, the GolfBays Rubber Base ensures that your practice sessions remain enjoyable and productive.

Effortless Compatibility: Tailored for use with the 4'11" x 4'11" Golf Mat, the GolfBays Rubber Base boasts a perfect fit. The larger 5'9" x 5'9" dimensions provide ample space, allowing you to move comfortably as you perfect your swings from various angles.

Precision Alignment: The rubber base's edges are designed to align seamlessly with the edges of your golf mat, offering a smooth transition from mat to floor. This attention to detail ensures a consistent practice experience that mirrors real fairway conditions.

Practical Performance: Whether you're a dedicated golfer or just getting started, the GolfBays Rubber Base adds value to your practice space. It's a practical investment that elevates your practice setup, allowing you to focus on improving your game without any distractions.

Elevate Your Practice: Take your practice area to the next level with the GolfBays Rubber Base for 4'11" x 4'11" Golf Mat. Order now and enjoy a stable and reliable foundation for your practice sessions, ensuring that every swing is backed by the support you need.

Experience the difference that stability and durability can make in your practice sessions. Elevate your practice setup with the GolfBays Rubber Base, and enjoy the benefits of a secure foundation that maximizes your potential on the course.

Product Features
  • Made of durable rubber
  • Small holes eliminate water build-up
  • Anti-UV, anti-aging and more durable
  • Interior size: 1500x1500x15mm
  • External size:1560x1560x25mm
  • Suitable for any square 1500x1500mm mats
  • Fast Shipping
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