Looking for some inspirational last-minute gift ideas this Christmas? Leave it to us – let GolfBays UK be your very own Santa Claus!!


Whatever your budget, we can arrange for Father Christmas to deliver the very best in golfing equipment and accessories - ranging from superb showstopping presents to simple stocking fillers.


To get you in the mood, here’s a snapshot of what we can provide. 


Golf Simulators


Transform your lounge, garage or other space into a world class indoor golf experience, with one of our outstanding custom simulator enclosures. They come in a variety of sizes, to match your room space, starting from €1427.95. 


Impact Screens


To pair up with one of our enclosures and world class launch monitors, a Quadro Impact Screen is guaranteed to make a big hit! These GolfBays’ designed screens, crafted from high performance hard-wearing fabrics, offer a crystal-clear view of the game's most iconic courses – all in Ultra HD. Price €816.95.


Launch Monitors


State-of-the-art launch monitors have transformed modern golf – whether you are a top pro or a novice at the game. The Garmin Approach R10 Portable Golf Launch Monitor is recognised as being one of the best all-round monitors on the market today. It enables you to train more effectively – and allow you to play more than 42,000 different courses worldwide. At €491.95, it could make a fantastic gift for someone to open on Christmas morning! 




Or what about a GolfBays Single Bag Display Storage Organiser, priced at €128.95. These sturdy four shelved racks will enable you to keep all your golf equipment together in one place – including space for your golf bag.

Teaching Mats

Whether you are planning to hit golf balls indoors or outside in the open, a teaching mat is an essential golf accessory. These ideally sized mats of 1.5m2 could be a great gift idea, if you have someone in the family thinking of becoming a teaching pro. These mats are available at €296.95.   


Practice Sets


Another neat present would be one of our highly recommended GolfBays Long Game or Short Game Home Practice Sets. Endorsed by the Me and My Golf team, these sets can help you make big improvements to all areas of your game – from the comfort of your own home.  The short game sets are available at 79.95, with the long game option price at €128.95


Sound Proofing Tiles


The finer details can often make all the difference, so you might want to accessorise your golf simulator with our sound dampening diamond acoustic wall tiles – brilliant for muffling noise if you are in a fairly enclosed area. A pack of ten tiles is priced at just €74.95.


Golf Bag Towels

Or what about the ultimate stocking filler – a GolfBays Golf Bag Towel for just €19.95.


If you are after a golfing gift this Yuletide, we’ve got everything you could possibly need to make someone’s Christmas!  

For these and plenty more great gift ideas from GolfBays UK, check out our well-stocked online shop for some festive inspiration. 

To ensure your delivery is guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas, the last day for ordering is by 5.30pm on Tuesday 20th December.


For all enquiries, call GolfBays UK on 0800 288 8805 or email sales@golfbays.co.uk.


And finally, may we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.


Written by Robert Hart

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