SkyTrak or Flightscope Mevo+, which works for me?

Over the past few years, many companies have started produce cheaper, more affordable launch monitors. Due to this, golf simulators and studios have become more accessible to the consumer. However, there is one questions that we at GolfBays get asked the most. Which launch monitor is best for me?

This post will compare the pros and cons of both the SkyTrak and Flightscope Mevo+ so you can discover which launch monitor is the best fit for you.



How does it work?
SkyTrak uses what it calls, photometric technology. It is a camera-based launch monitor that captures highspeed images of the ball immediately after impact, sophisticated algorithms are then used with these images to decipher the ball flight created.

What does it measure?
• Ball Speed
• Backspin
• Launch angle
• Side spin
• Spin axis
• Total spin
• Side angle
• Carry & Total distance
• Distance offline
• Smash Factor

How to use?
Setting up your SkyTrak is very straightforward, first it must be placed at the same level as the golf ball, parallel to your intended target line, it should be 12 inches outside of where the ball is placed. When turned on a laser will show on the hitting mat, this is where your golf ball should be placed, then you are ready to play.

One benefit of the SkyTrak is that you can use it with both iOS and PC, this means that you have a great choice of ways to enjoy your experience with different devices. If you are using iOS, then you can use the dedicated SkyTrak app. This gives you a brilliant range experience where you can hit balls, see your ball flight and explore the many parameters that SkyTrak measures. It is brilliant for at home practice or for use as a virtual range in a commercial setting. The simulation offerings for iOS are E6 Connect and WGT Golf, with both applications you can play a multitude of different golf courses ranging from fictional courses to PGA Tour and Major venues, this amounts to endless on course enjoyment.
If you choose to use SkyTrak with a PC then there is a designated SkyTrak PC application to use just like the app for iOS, this again gives you a great environment to practice and work on your own game. One advantage that using a PC system has, is that it gives you the opportunity to use TGC 2019. The Golf Club 2019 is probably the most comprehensive golf simulation program on the market today. It offers 4K Ultra HD graphics that are incredibly fluid and over 170,000 golf courses, there truly is something for everyone with this application.

Overall thoughts:
The SkyTrak is a very attractive launch monitor for both home simulation and for use in a commercial setting, it’s light and portable, easy to set up and align and you don’t need an awful lot of space to use it. This is probably the biggest advantage the SkyTrak has. The most important part of the space you use for your simulator will be the height. You don’t need lots of space behind where you swing like you do with radar-based launch monitors, this means that garage or unused room with enough height will usually suffice for use with a SkyTrak, this coupled with the phenomenal simulator experience you can have with TGC 2019 make it a great package for at home practice and play.
A couple of drawbacks, however, include the fact that you will need one of either the game improvement package or the play and improve package to get the best experience with your SkyTrak, it will also be a yearly payment and not a one off, so this increases the price of the overall package. Another drawback is the placement of the monitor, with it being face on to the golfer it does increase the chances of the monitor getting hit with an errant shot like a shank, however there are fantastic protective cases that we supply here at GolfBays to protect your SkyTrak. The final drawback is its playability if you’re playing with friends who are left and right-handed. You would have to move the system each time your left-handed player wanted to hit, this can be tedious and can upset the overall experience.

All in all the SkyTrak is a fantastic launch monitor which really excels in the way of a home simulator experience.

SkyTrak - £1895
Game Improvement Package - $99.95 per year
Play & Improve Package - $199.95
E6 Connect Basic Package - $300 per year
TGC 2019 - $479 per year

Flightscope Mevo+:

How does it work?
The Mevo+ uses what it calls Fusion Tracking Technology, this comprises of the launch monitor using a 3D doppler radar system, coupled with high-speed image processing from the built-in camera. It works by the radar tracking the club and ball during the time of impact and the ball during its flight, because the ball and club’s movement is being tracked, the accuracy of the data is incredibly high.

What does it measure?
• Ball speed
• Clubhead speed
• Smash factor
• Carry distance
• Launch angle
• Spin rate
• Apex height
• Flight time
• Angle of attack
• Spin loft
• Launch direction
• Spin axis
• Roll distance
• Total distance
• Lateral landing
• Shot dispersion
• Shot type

Pro Package:
• Face to path
• Face to target
• Dynamic loft
• Club path
• Vertical swing plane
• Horizontal swing plane
• Low point
• Vertical decent angle
• Curve
• Club speed profile
• Club acceleration profile

How to use?
Setting up your Mevo+ is easy to do, first you need at least 2.44m from the screen to your hitting area, you then also need at least 2.44m from the golf ball to where the launch monitor is placed behind the golf ball. Aligning the unit is also easy to do, when you open the Flightscope app, you can access the unit’s camera, it will show a red target line overlay, you should align this with your golf ball and intended target, then you’re ready to play.
Now, the Mevo+ is only compatible with iOS and Android, not with PC. However, the Flightscope app is incredibly comprehensive, it offers a very user friendly and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and use through your practice. With the variety of data parameters and different range views the range application is every golf nerd’s dream, it gives great data to work on your swing, your shot dispersion and yardage control, also the amount of data parameters there are it makes it an ideal entry level launch monitor for coaching.
As well as the brilliant range features you can also use the Flightscope Skills app, this is brilliant for dialling in your wedges and distance control with endless amounts of tests and skills challenges available. Along with this, the Mevo+ is available to use with E6 Connect, with fantastic graphics and fluid gameplay, this makes it an ideal package for home simulation and practice.
Another feature of the Mevo+ is that you can purchase the Pro Package, this gives the unit full D-Plane data such as club path, club face and face to path. This gives it a great advantage in terms of being a piece of equipment that you can really improve your game with and not just have a range experience.

Overall Thoughts:
The Mevo+ is a fantastic launch monitor for anyone looking for either home simulation, commercial use or for golf coaching. With its radar and camera-based system it is incredibly accurate, however it does require more usable space than the SkyTrak, you will need at least 5m to comfortably operate the Mevo+.
Another great aspect of the Mevo+ is that all the Flightscope software you need to operate it including the Flightscope app and the Flightscope skills app are free to use, they require no subscription, so it really is plug and play. Also, the E6 Connect software comes with a basic package of 5 golf courses and 17 practice ranges which are completely free to use.
In terms of the device itself, it is incredibly light and portable, also because it sits so far behind the player there is not chance of it being hit with stray golf balls. Furthermore, because the unit can be placed centrally on a large mat, there is no requirement to move the unit for left and right-handed players, meaning you can enjoy seamless gameplay with your friends.

Flightscope Mevo+ - £1899
Pro Package - £900
E6 Connect - $300

Final Thoughts:
In summary, both units are fantastic launch monitors for a variety of uses, be that home simulation, commercial use or for coaching. I would say if you are using your home simulator solely for some practice and gameplay and you have limited space then the SkyTrak is the way to go, with the ability to use TGC 2019 for an unrivalled gameplay experience and the need for less space.
Conversely, if you are looking to sharpen your game and take it to the next level with many data parameters to look at and you have the space, then the Flightscope Mevo+ is the way to go, especially with the availability of the skills app to sharpen your game further. It is also a great launch monitor for coaches with the addition of the Pro Package, giving unrivalled amounts of data compared to other launch monitors in this price bracket.

Whichever launch monitor you choose, it will not be a disappointment, please feel free to get in touch with us at GolfBays for personalised information for your dream golf simulator.

Harrison Peck, PGA Professional

Written by James Dobell

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