Amongst the multiple benefits from having your own Golf Simulator at home is that it provides you with the perfect opportunity to practice and experiment with your game – under your own roof. Improving your game has never been as convenient as it is now and here are some great ideas to help you gain the most from the hi-tech kit at your disposal.  

1.   Make regular use of the Game Mode

Before golf simulators came onto the market, the only way to practice golf was to go to the driving range or hit into a net in the back garden. Other than that, you’d be out on the course playing for real. But during a round - surrounded by other players, with other groups behind and in front of you - is never a good time to be experimenting or repeating shots on specific holes, or on a particular type of lie.

The more you can ‘practice’ on a proper course, however, the more comfortable and confident you will become at ball striking. Repetition is the best way to master difficult shots or those where you feel least confident.

That’s where the golf simulator can really make a difference Is a golf simulator worth it ? – GolfBays.  You can select golf courses (famous or not so famous) that might be especially challenging and keep repeating hard-to-execute shots on specific holes.   

At the other end of the spectrum, seek out courses that provide you with easier scoring opportunities. Both these approaches will help you build confidence with your all-round game. The game mode will enable you to actually play more (and improve) out on the course, whilst eradicating the drudgery of practicing on a driving range.

As an example, it’s far better to practice hitting the island green on the Par 3 17th at Sawgrass than keep hitting 120-yard tee shots at your local driving range. In the case of the latter, there’s no consequence for hitting a good or bad shot.    

With game mode, you have no end of options available to you, ensuring that your game stays very real on every shot. Your interest is always there.  



2.   Matching the club with the shot distance  

It’s a recurring theme in golf – knowing which club to use to hit a shot a particular distance. A golf simulator will enable you to ascertain the distance you are truly capable of hitting a specific club. Use each club in your bag to do this. Take ten shots with each one and keep a note of the average distance you hit the ball. The shortest and longest shots will provide an accurate indication of your range with that particular club. 

The data provided by your golf simulator Introducing the new Rapsodo MLM2 PRO launch monitor – GolfBays may well unearth some surprising information about what club you should be taking from now on, for a particular distance. This may help you with landing the ball on the green with an approach shot, rather than being short of the target or in a bunker. Knowing which club works best for any given yardage is fun to experiment with and could potentially prove to be a great way to bring more accuracy and better management to your game.   

3.   Vary your swing

The beauty of a golf simulator is that if you hit a duff shot, your golfing buddies or anyone else for that matter won’t get to see it – so you can hide away your embarrassment. If you aren’t happy with your current swing Home Practice Golf Sets - GolfBays golf game improvement tools, for instance, and what to have a play- around with some new techniques, the golf simulator will provide you with some constructive information about what does and doesn’t work.  

Experiment - see what feels comfortable, what type of swing is gaining you the most yardage with a particular club. Then, when you get to play with others, you’ll have gone through all the trial and error in the privacy of your own golf studio.

4.   Regularly practice shorter shots  

You may well be a big hitter and can drive the ball miles. But when it comes to those shorter shots, the approach shots to the green for example, that’s where the problems tend to occur. Longer drives aren’t being reflected in your score because you are still taking the same number of shots to hole out. The simulator provides the perfect opportunity to practice shots Short Game - Home Practice Set – GolfBays within that key approach shot range, which seldom end up where you want them to.

Tour pros average around 18 feet from the pin with shots of 100 yards. Thanks to the simulator’s auto rewind feature, you can practice these various distances, e.g., experimenting with how much you need to flight the ball in relation to the pin location. Being good around the greens can make up so many shots, so keep chipping away and get a real feel about what works best for you. 

5.   Challenge your friends

When the weather is poor and playing outdoors isn’t very appetising, you can keep your game at a high level by having some golfing buddies round for a game on the simulator Custom Simulator Setups – GolfBays. It’s a great way to stay sharp and competitive in the bleak mid-winter. Depending on numbers, you can switch between match play and stroke play.  The golf simulator will help to properly prepare you for when the season comes round and you head back out onto an outdoor course.

     6 Enjoy yourself

Playing golf should always be a fun thing to do. That’s why making practice interesting, challenging and rewarding is so important. A golf simulator enables you to be competitive and analytical Must Have Golf Simulator Accessories – GolfBays – and derives hours of pleasure. Play the road hole at St Andrews half a dozen times and see how your score varies (or improves). Or the Par 3 seventh at Pebble Beach. How about tackling the Par 5 thirteenth at Augusta? What’s your best three-hole total for this iconic collection?

All this beats getting into the car and heading out to the local driving range, to hit 50 balls aimlessly towards some unremarkable acreage of grass. It’s far less time consuming, far more rewarding and much more fun if you can stay at home and take on Troon, for instance!

Written by Robert Hart

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