There is no true correct way to hold a golf club. Different people will show you various grips that they think are best. In this article we will show you some of the most popular grips that everyday and the top golfers in the world use. A great way to practice your grip and swing is on a golf simulator. You can get a good feel for how you want to handle the club before going out on a real course and you can play entire holes and courses in a fraction of the time on some of the real top courses in the world. It’s important to find the best grip for you as it is the basis of your entire swing and golf game.



Basic Grip


The first grip is the most common with everyday golfers and even a lot of professionals. It’s the basic grip that can be slightly altered for comfort with some of the techniques below. For right-handed golfers grab the club with your left hand first. Rest the heel of your palm on the top edge of the handle. Now you can position your right hand palm on the thumb of your left hand. Now just close your right hand so your thumb and index finger make a V-shape that points at your center chest.


10-Finger Grip


After placing your hands with the basic grip you can decide your ultimate grip. One of the most common is the 10-finger grip with beginners or smaller players. The 10-finger grip means that all 10 of your fingers will be touching the club handle. It is not a super popular grip with professionals but the majority of golfers use this grip as it offers great feel and consistency. A lot of power can be generated from this grip as well.


Overlapping Grip


This is another one of the most common grips. A lot of people with larger hands use this as well as most of the professional players. Right-handed golfers will want to follow the steps of the basic grip but place your right little finger in between your left index and middle finger. Those fingers will be overlapped and your left thumb will fit in the center palm of your right hand. This grip is also known as the “Vardon Grip”, named after the person who invented the grip.


Interlocking Grip


The third grip is a variation of the 10-finger grip. Start with gripping the club in the 10-finger fashion but then interlock your pinky finger with your index finger which moves your hands closer together. This grip can increase your distance and power as your hands are locked together to gain more velocity behind your swing.

Written by Robert Hart

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