With the growing popularity of golf simulators a lot of people have been wondering how they can build their own. This can be made extremely easy as there are full kits that you can buy that have everything from the launch mat, to the software, to the projector, and screen. Additionally, you can buy some of the equipment and decide to build the rest of the set up yourself. In this article we will go over how to build an ideal golf simulator set up.


Buy a Full Set


The first plan of attack would be to buy a golf simulator that comes with everything that you already need as aforementioned. These come in all kinds of price ranges and the majority of them work just as effectively as the next with the technology they are putting into all of these nowadays. An affordable one that is also one of the best ones on the market is the Optishot 2. This simulator has everything you need, you will just have to follow the instructions in the packaging to get it set up properly. Another option is a higher end option in the Skytrak that has a high-definition display and more added features to improve your game than some of the other less expensive simulators.


Buy a Partial Set


Unless you are a computer scientist and want to spend days or even weeks or months trying to make your own technology, you probably are going to want to at least start with the launch mat, tracker, and technology that can be bought. It is definitely a viable option to buy just these parts and then build the rest of your set up afterwards. It can even save you thousands or hundreds of dollars.


Essentially the only part you will need to build after buying the main parts of a golf simulator are the projector and screen. These can be bought as well separately but can also be made out of an old screen and projector that you can find used online or at a thrift store or garage sale for pennies on the dollar.


If your set up doesn’t include a hitting mat, one can easily be made out of some extra astroturf with a hole put in it for a rubber tee. This is the ideal surface to hit off and can be made yourself for just a few dollars if you can find a small piece of astroturf for cheap or even free.


Lastly, you are going to want to find a good spot to set it up where there are tall ceilings, a place to mount your projector, and room to place sheets on the sides to stop any errant shots.





Written by Robert Hart

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