Given the huge popularity of golf simulators, our staff at Golf Bays UK receive plenty of questions which are connected to their installation, the right type of launch monitors and the practicalities of converting indoor space into golf studios.

One question that is regularly raised, however, relates to whether golf simulators are good for beginners.

Some people are of the opinion that a simulator might be a bit gimmicky. They would say that the best way to learn the game from scratch, would be to get out on the course or driving range and learn the ropes in the great outdoors.

And there’s nothing wrong with this approach. After all, golf was originally invented as an outdoor game!

But, nowadays, with the amazing technology that golf simulators provide, bringing real life golf straight into your lounge, you don’t actually need to be outdoors to improve your game (and also have a lot of fun at the same time!)

And this equally applies to seasoned pro’s or absolute beginners.

Why Golf Simulators are great for getting started at the game

For anyone just starting out with golf, a golf simulator can be a really useful tool. Using one will help novice golfers get to grip with the basics across all aspects of the game. Very few people start with a perfect swing (in fact, does anyone ever achieve the perfect swing!) but a golf simulator will help get you in the right groove and help overcome any glaring errors or faults – but in an entertaining way.  

Today, most golf simulators are equipped with many options and configurations to help you improve your shot making. At the beginner level, however, it’s best to work with a product that feels comfortable and provides you with relevant and understandable information about your swing. With the right tools at your disposal, you should be able to make rapid progress. 



Key tips on how to improve your game with a golf simulator


  1. Take advantage of year-round practising opportunities

There are very few places in the world where you can play outdoors 365 days a year. Most locations experience unfavourable weather conditions – at least for some of the time, sometimes a lot of the time! This is one of the biggest obstacles to playing and practising regularly. And, even if the weather is OK, often you don’t have the hours to set aside for golf, because of work or other commitments.

Consequently, your game can go downhill. This is especially true for beginners. This is where a golf simulator, set up for indoor use, can really come to the rescue. It won’t matter a jot if it’s pouring with rain outside or blowing a gale. If you can set aside an hour here, or there – at home – you can use that time to make big strides in your golf game. A great way to have fun, relax and switch off from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

There’s no excuse not to practice when you have a golf simulator to hand! 

  1. Let the data guide you

If you are just starting out with golf, the likelihood is the ball could go off in all directions. Hooking, slicing, topping the ball, even the occasional air shot – it’s all part and parcel of learning the game (and we’ve all been there, at some or another!)

And even if you hit a good shot, you might not understand why it was effective, compared to the previous wild shot. You might have thought you were doing the same thing both times, but evidently not. This is where a golf simulator will provide you with invaluable assistance – to help you understand what it is that is making your shots do what they do – good or bad!   

As a beginner, this can give you a real advantage. It’s far easier to iron out flaws in your swing early on – rather than trying to eliminate mistakes that have become ingrained after years of playing the game. A golf simulator will enable you to improve your set up, swing profile and the correlation between club length and the distance you hit.


  1. The relationship between you, your golf simulator and your teaching pro

Whilst a golf simulator can help you make immense strides – and quickly – it is often helpful to engage the services of a golf coach, to provide that personal touch and offer an extra layer of assurance and guidance.  However, arranging lessons can be expensive and not always convenient, which is why using the launch monitor/golf simulator approach is always a great option.

But as mentioned, these simulators have technology coming out of their ears and this is where you can use the tech to your advantage. A coach will only be able to give you a limited amount of time, say a 45-minute lesson, whereas a simulator potentially has all the time in the world for you. 

Many simulators, however, can be linked up to smartphone apps providing access to various teaching coaches, professional golfers and golfing gurus who can provide at distance “lessons” to help you improve every aspect of your game.  Find someone who is using precisely the same equipment as you and this can be as good as having them in your very own golf studio.

Golf simulation technology makes all this possible – and always at your convenience.

How to get started with a golf simulator – next steps

The bottom line is that anyone can benefit from a golf simulator – from an absolute beginner to a top pro. That’s the beauty of these things. They work for everyone. Analyse your swing, improve your game and do it all to fit in around your schedule. 

Playing golf in the great outdoors takes all the beating. To ensure you maximise the experience and shoot the best possible score every time you head out on the course, however, if you’ve been able to learn the basics and gain confidence as a player - courtesy of your home installed golf simulator - rest assured, this will really get you in the swing.    

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Written by Robert Hart

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