Here at GolfBays there isn’t an “average day” as it goes. Whether we are out on a site visit measuring up a new room, on the phone to customers helping them design their dream simulator, hosting a corporate event at a super car dealership or teaching all day at our own studio. No day is the same and we love that.

However, recently we had the pleasure of welcoming a not so average guest down to our facility in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. This was The Average Golfer, a well-known golf YouTube content creator with over 70k subscribers and over 20 million views across his videos.

A few months ago, he had bought one of our SimBox’s and absolutely loved it. Now he wanted to come and check out our facility, warehouse and give some insight to his viewers on how to go about creating their own golf simulator for any budget.

In the morning he arrived with his assistant, and we had a nice coffee while chatting and getting to know each other a little better. After this we started discussing the kind of content we were going to produce. This included explaining what our SimBox was, and how we came up with the idea. We also discussed launch monitors, which ones were at a certain price point and his own experiences with the Foresight GC3 launch monitor.

We then got into the work. First, we got some slow-motion videos and images of our warehouse where all our products are stored. Then we went into our simulator show room where we do all our own in-house testing and coaching. Then it was on to getting some slow-motion videos of all the launch monitors we would be talking about.

Now we got onto filming. We had a brief discussion about the order of our conversation and some of the important things to include. I’ll be honest, I’ve done filming before for the GolfBays YouTube channel and for my online lessons, but getting mic’d up was a whole new experience and I started feeling the pressure.

After getting the cameras set up, we began rolling and started our conversation about all things golf simulator related. We started out with explaining the idea behind the SimBox. We wanted the SimBox to be an affordable, portable and robust product that we could ship to people the next day. It’s a great, cost-effective way to start your journey of at home golf simulation.

After the SimBox discussion we got onto launch monitors. Starting out with the Garmin Approach R10. We explained how it was a relatively accurate launch monitor, which offers portability and great gaming software. Coupled with a price point that is very affordable in the market. It would make the perfect first launch monitor for someone looking to start out in the game.

After the Garmin, we discussed the SkyTrak and the Flightscope Mevo Plus. Both launch monitors sell at the same price point and offer similar amounts of data. We explained to the viewers that the difference between the two is the placement on the floor. The Mevo Plus will sit around 8ft behind the golf ball, while the SkyTrak sits next the ball. If you’re limited in space from front to back, then you’d want to go for the SkyTrak.

Next up was the Foresight GC3 which is the launch monitor that The Average Golfer owns and uses. We explained that this is a jump up in both price and data quality, offering more quantity and quality of data than the previously spoken about units. Its portability was also a big positive, as you can use it at home, on the range or on the golf course.

The final big jump up was the Trackman 4. Being significantly more expensive and accurate than other units as well as providing much more data, we concluded that this launch monitor is best used in a professional environment.

The last order of business was explaining to the viewers what our SimBox bundle is. It includes a SimBox, hitting mat and launch monitor. Starting from £1999 it’s a great way to get everything in one go.

The amazing thing was that we managed to have this whole discussion, on camera and it only took one take. Which was fantastic. After we finished the discussion and stopped filming. We showed The Average Golfer around our studios and had a few shots on Trackman,

After this it was time for some more slow-motion shots of our bays and some of the great products, we offer at GolfBays. After The Average Golfer hasd filmed his outro, we were all wrapped up for the day.

I can say it was a pleasure working with a great pair of professional content creators and to help their viewers find the perfect simulation option for their budget. We hope to see and work with The Average Golfer again very soon. Feel free to watch his video on YouTube and get in touch with us where we can help you find your perfect golf simulator.



Written by Robert Hart

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